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Gillan Learning Center Beliefs

  • Every student can learn, but everyone learns in a different way.

  • Each student is unique and brings complex abilities to each learning context.

  • It is the job of Gillan Learning Center to find the most efficient path, so each student can reach his or her individual potential.

  • Active, direct, multisensory learning experiences improve a student’s ability to be successful and leads to student ownership of learning.

  • Collaborative relationships between students, teachers, and families are important and are an enormous part of a student’s success.

  • Often students need positive motivation to learn, especially when learning is difficult.

  • Learning is hard work and needs to be practiced in order for students to be successful and to lead independent lives in the future.




Individual Instruction

Individual Literacy, Math, and planning for Grades Preschool-Adult


Students literacy and/or math skills will be evaluated before instruction begins. Goals and objectives will be developed and implemented individually. Families and Mrs. Gillan will agree upon how often each week, how many weeks, and goals and objectives based upon student need.

Ready to Read = Ready to Succeed

The mission of Ready To Read = Ready to Succeed is to deliver differentiated reading instruction that meets the needs of each child within a group of 2-4 children ages 4-6.


Ready To Read = Ready To Succeed will provide developmentally activities
in the following literacy areas:

  • Listening Comprehension

  • Phonological / Phonemic Skills

  • Phonics

  • Fluency

  • Vocabulary


Using developmentally appropriate literature, students will also develop exceptional vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Those student whose phonological and phonemic skills are already well developed will receive differentiated instruction at their skill level within the group.


  • Hooked on Books

  • Factors Math Club

  • The Write Club

  • Homework Club

Academic Evaluations

  • Thirty-minute consultation before assessment.

  • Assessment of your child’s literacy skills using nationally normed tests.

  • Detailed written reports.

  • One-hour consultation after assessment.


Plan to Win

Students will be taught to use:

  • Organizational systems that work for themselves and their multiple bosses (teaches/coaches/parents) and stick to their plans.

  • Use color coded folders, binders, and time capsule to help organize school and home work.

  • Recognize when they are confused and use effective communications strategies to get appropriate help.

  • Develop healthy habits to resist negative tendencies.


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