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Gillan Learning Center Offers

1:1 instruction: reading, writing, math, spelling, grammar, and planning.


Group Instruction: Ready to Read = Ready to Succeed for preschoolers and grade level reading, math, and planning.


Clubs:  Hooked on Books Club, The Write Club, Factors Math Club, and Homework Club

Learning can be hard work for students. At Gillan Learning Center we make it easier for our students to make effective progress and access curriculum. Gillan Learning Center is staffed by experienced, licensed, and certified instructors with Masters of Education in curriculum areas they are instructing. Gillan Learning Center’s enthusiastic and passionate instructors are, dedicated to the methods supported by the science of learning. All of our methods are supported by research which ensures our students reach their potential.


Our 1:1 instruction begins with a Gillan Learning Center’s academic assessment. Through this assessment we strategically plan a lesson that is interactive and multisensory. Students work at their own pace, using curriculum developed by myself based on Orton Gillingham methodology and current research. Our instructional sessions are engaging, interactive, and fun. Our students and parents see the value of our work because it is reflected in our students’ classroom success.


Gillan Learning Center has been successfully meeting the needs of students for over 9 years. I have over 35 years of experience working in public schools. Ten years of that time was spent as a 5th and 3rd grade classroom teacher. The remaining time has been spent as a Reading Specialist at Chandler Elementary School in Duxbury. My undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education I have a Master of Education in Reading. I have two Massachusetts State Certifications: Elementary K-8 and Reading Pre School to Adult. Since 1990, I have been a Massachusetts General Hospital Certified Orton Gillingham Reading Therapist.


I am a mother of 4 adult children and have raised a successful son who is diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder. My son graduated from UMass Dartmouth and is productively employed in a career that gives him joy. I understand the process of looking outside of schools to ensure your child reaches their potential. I run Gillan Learning Center the way I wanted to be treated as a client of unique services for my child. Each student of Gillan Learning Center will have lessons planned by myself using my knowledge of curriculum, instruction, evaluation, and student behavior. After individual sessions, clients will receive a copy of their child’s agenda which will include learning outcomes and data collection on targeted skills.

Gillan Learning Center is convenient, comfortable, and conducive to learning. Instruction takes place in quiet, private rooms. Our instructors are kind, nurturing, experienced, and licensed. All our instructors have Masters of Education and are certified in the curriculum areas of their students’ instruction. We would love to welcome you and your child to the Gillan Learning Center family!

Alice Judge Gillan

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