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"Alice has helped my daughter to learn, practice, and enhance her skills through direct and explicit instruction but also through her positive mindset and enthusiasm for my daughter as a learner and an individual. She meets children where they are and hones in on their strengths, loving and nurturing those aspects of their abilities to help them increase functional reading and academic skills; self-confidence in their skill set and overall ability as a little humans trying to navigate the world through language (reading and writing)."


Kelly M

"I'm delighted to share my positive experience with the Gillan Learning Center. Alice’s personalized approach and patience created a comfortable learning environment for my daughter. The engaging sessions boosted her confidence, making the learning process enjoyable. She looked forward to her sessions and made great progress. I highly recommend Gillan Learning Center for anyone seeking effective reading support for their child." 


Lauren L 


"Alice Gillan is really a gift to education. No matter how much our son may have been struggling with reading, he would leave his sessions with Mrs. Gillan feeling like he was an absolute superstar! She has a unique way of giving them confidence, yet identifying the areas that may be significant weaknesses. Our son has never once complained about going to see Mrs. Gillan! She has helped us understand dyslexia and given us great guidance along the way. We appreciate her skill and expertise greatly." 


Kate D

"My nine-year-old, third-grade granddaughter has been working with Alice at Gillian Learning Center since June of 2023. As a former primary grade reading teacher, I was concerned with her reading development in light of a of a diagnosed auditory processing disability. In spite of Chapter 1 help at school, her progress was stagnant. Alice met with her several times in person, evaluated her and produced a plan suited to her needs. She has continued to instruct her via Zoom lessons throughout the fall and winter. My granddaughter's skill and confidence has grown under Alice's professional and personal tutelage. I highly recommend the Gillan Learning Center for personalized, educationally sound academic support."


Jim L

"My daughter Megan had a great experience at Gillan Learning Center! She loved seeing Mrs. Gillan every week and made great strides with her reading during the time she spent with her. This has helped her go on to do very well in middle school! She always left her tutoring sessions with a huge smile." 


Gabe S

"My son struggles with dyslexia and attention issues.  After working with a few different tutors, my son was still struggling with his reading and writing. I wasn’t seeing improvement and I was very concerned. After doing some research I was referred to Alice at Gillan Learning Center by a local Orton Gillingham Instructor. I contacted Alice and she got to work with an assessment of my son and a plan to get him progressing. After just a few sessions of instruction with Alice I could notice a visible change in my son’s reading. I was so impressed and excited to say the least! She had accomplished more in her few lessons than the other tutors had in years of lessons. I finally felt confident that we were indeed in the right place! My son, who doesn’t generally enjoy having to participate in going to a tutor, actually enjoys going to Alice. I battle no complaints and he comes out smiling every time! I am so happy to have been referred to Alice at GLC, she is truly a gem and we are so blessed to have her on our learning team as a homeschooling family!”


Rebecca B


"Our first grader struggled with reading throughout the school year and was extremely behind his peers. This resulted in low confidence and a disdain for reading and comprehension. We were lucky enough to get him in the Summer reading program at the Gillian Learning Center and have stayed with them ever since. Alice’s unique approach allows kids to learn at their own pace, strengthen their abilities and build confidence in themselves. My son leaves every lesson happier than the last and eager to tell me what he learned. There are no words to describe the improvement he’s made! I would highly recommend Alice to anyone looking for additional support with their young one." 


Laurie and Kevin 


"Working with Alice at the Gillan Center changed my son’s life.  He was a struggling reader and it impacted the way he felt about himself as both a student and a person.  He started seeing Alice and he only knew 30 sight words.  We recently discontinued services because he had made so much progress and during their last session, he was able to read 800 sight words!  His confidence and newfound love of reading is a direct result of the work he did with Alice.  She changed the way he saw himself as a learner and dramatically changed his trajectory in school. He is reading on grade level and has improved so much that I must remind his Team at school he is diagnosed with Dyslexia.  When I asked him what he would say about his work with Alice his response was “She was fun, engaging and made learning fun.  She taught me I was a reader and believed in me”.  We are forever grateful."

Joanna and Andrew S.


"We are so happy that we entrusted Gillan Learning Center to give our children quality academic instruction. We are confident that the weekly instruction our children receive is tailored and planned specifically for their educational needs. Alice is a professional through and through; she articulates and explains exactly what our children’s goals will be and how they will be taught. We are so pleased with the progress our children have made both at Gillan Learning Center and most importantly at school."


Anne F.

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